Shapes for a Sharp Mind

by Kate Kendall

Kate is the Co -Founder and Director at Flow Athletic 

Yoga "Expert" for Body & Soul Magazine

Check our her website or view her Instagram @activeyogi

3 Moves for Mind & Motivation

You’ve set your goals and intentions for 2016. It’s time to make it happen. You’re all ready, set, go…until you crash and burn. 

Want to maintain that beginning of year motivation and inspiration? Add these three moves to your morning ritual to keep your mind razor sharp and alert for epic productivity.

Hand Stand. 
Great for: Energy, core strength and encouraging a playful approach to life. 

Inversions, generally speaking, are invigorating. With all the blood rushing to your brain you’ll feel ‘zippy’ and alert. Plus the childlike playfulness to get into the posture will remind you to have fun and not take things too seriously. 

Practice against the wall for support or in an open space if you’re outdoors.

Wide-Legged Lateral Bend.
Great for: Stretching the hamstrings, adductors, side-waist plus perfect for promoting digestion and greater breath capacity. 

The breath plays a major role in keeping the mind mentally sharp. This lateral bend, coupled with deep breathing will stretch out all the tiny muscles between the ribs and allow for greater breath capacity. Enjoy. 


Great for: promoting focus and allowing you stay present, moment to moment – the key to productivity and success. 

Stillness is the most under rated tool we have in modern society for productivity and living a life on purpose. Take five minutes at the start of your day to sit with a tall spine (you can be in a chair). Focus on nothing else but the sound of your breath.
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